Support The Gents

Would you like to see what Smooth Faced Gentlemen can do next? As a self-funded company we need your help to continue and develop our work.

The easiest way to help the future of the company is to join our supporters! This is a simple way to donate for individuals and small businesses. And don’t worry this donation is tax free, we manage our finances with only the best Metric Accountants.

Smooth Faced Gentlemen are currently on a fundraising drive to aid a repertory regional tour of Titus Andronicus and Othello. All money raised will enable us to take the shows to more venues, perform for more diverse audiences, and develop new productions.

Any contribution, large or small, goes a long way. In return, we’ll tell you how your money has helped us, keep you posted on our plans, and send you some treats!

Our new, revamped supporters scheme has three simple levels:

If you’d like to discuss a different arrangement, or you’re a business interested in discussing sponsorship packages, drop us a message and let’s talk some more.

Smooth Faced Gentlemen Friend

Support the company! Your contribution might cover the cost of a train fare to a nearby tour venue, programme printing fees, or about 15 Adsa boys’ shirts (that’s enough for about a week of Titus).

Our supporters also form a vocal community, often spreading the word about the work we do and sometimes helping out in other ways.

We’ll also give you one of our exclusive Supporters’ Badges for you to subtly #humblebrag about.

All supporters get a shout out on social media too!

Smooth Faced Gentlemen Supporter

Help ensure the future of the company! £100 is equivalent to a year of banking fees, van fuel to the North, treating our team to a takeaway on the road, or three replacement blinds in Othello.

You’ll get a special supporters badge sent to you, be listed on our website (with a name you choose and a link if you want), get a special thanks on social media, and get occasional surprises from us. You’ll go on the guest list for any invited sharings we do, and get a personalised birthday message too (which you can have sent to someone else if you like).

(Birthday wishes may be a photo, a video, or a hand-written note. If you want to send it to someone else, give us a couple of weeks’ notice, though we’ll try and be quicker if we can.)

Smooth Faced Gentlemen Champion

For very special, very generous people. A donation of this amount makes a genuine difference to the running of the company, and is also a big moral booster for the team.

£500 can double the marketing budget for a small show, cover all the running costs of a Work Bard opportunity, enable minibus rental for a week, or provide a beautiful set of costumes for a new production.

As a champion, you get VIP tickets to all our shows, with free drinks and the chance to meet the team. Plus, you’ll get the special supporters’ badge, be publicly thanked on our programme, website and social media, and get sent some special surprises.

You’ll also also get invitation to occasional special event, sharings adn/or rehearsals. And, as well as a personalised birthday message for yourself, we can arrange to send another to a friend or loved one… great for a special gift!

If you have any questions, drop us an email on