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Just a quick one, live from Edinburgh Royal Infirmary’s A&E…

We’ve had to cancel today’s performance of Othello due to a particularly nasty injury sustained by one of our cast (outside of the shows).

We haven’t confirmed whether or not Titus Andronicus is going ahead this evening, but we expect it won’t.

We currently expect Othello to be back on tomorrow, but we’re not sure about Titus, being considerably more physical (and messy)…

For both shows, the venues can offer a refund or exchange. And in both cases, other members of the cast will be waiting to greet anyone who turns up with a few freebies as a consolation along with a general chat.

Please accept our greatest apologies for the inconvenience. The whole team is absolutely gutted to have to skip a show, with so few left, and we really hope anyone planning to come today is able to make it another day.

I’ll keep you posted and updated right here as the day progresses…

Update #1, 12.20pm: this is about the time Othello would be starting. Our injured actor has been through triage… so now we wait some more. If like me you didn’t know what triage is, it’s where someone sympathetic reads what you told the receptionist and then asks you to go wait in the waiting room some more.

Update #2, 12.48pm: this is actually the second time I’ve been in this A&E with a team member this fringe. Our stage manager hurt her ankle on our day off (doubly tragic because a, it was her birthday and b, she was stone-cold sober). I’m pleased to report that in the intervening 12 days they’ve added a new poster. Apparently 150mins of activity per week can add 7 years to your life. Who knew?

Update #3, 13.57pm: well that was quick. We’ve been seen, helped out, given a “goodie bag” of dressings as the doctor called it, filled in our little survey and got a cab back to town. The patient is feeling much better and we’re confident both shows will go ahead tomorrow. Titus will be cancelled this eve as expected though. Massive thanks to the staff at A&E for being so kind, friendly, efficient and brilliant.


Update #4, 26th Aug, 2.05pm: chuffed to report that Othello went on today, without a hitch – though I think the other cast were on tenterhook (and we had a codeword ready in case it got too much). However, we’ve decided that Titus will not go ahead today. Due to the physical nature of the show, and the amount of paint flying around the stage, we agreed with the cast it was too risky. Othello will happen again tomorrow, and we’ll keep you posted re. Titus.


Update #5, 27th August, 1.55pm: unfortunately, we’ve had to cancel Titus for a third time today. (Othello went ahead and we don’t foresee any issues reason that will change in future). We’ll know about tomorrow’s Titus around 2pm. However, we can guarantee that from Saturday, Titus will definitely go ahead regardless… we have a special returning actor lined up to step in for the last three shows if necessary. Watch this space!


Update #6, 28th Aug, 2.01pm: Good news! Titus is back on tonight! Please help us spread the word, see if we can’t win back some of our lost sales, eh? We’ve not ruled out the understudy for tomorrow, but most likely it’ll all be plain sailing from now.


Update #7, 30th Aug, 9.46am: I’m very sorry to say that we’ve taken the decision to cancel the remaining shows. Having done both shows for two day, last night our actors’ condition has got worse again, and she was in considerable pain. Despite her determination to go on, the rest of us could see the agony she was in, and we’re not willing to chance her prolonging her pain.

We’re very, very sorry to all that have booked tickets for the two shows today and tomorrow. The whole team is devastated to miss the last four performances, though we’re all in agreement it’s the right call. The venues will contact everyone who’s bought tickets. And we’re working to build momentum for our Greenwich run to balance it out and recoup some of our losses.

Please come see us there, and help spread the word!

Here’s a picture of everyone looking sad from an unrelated incident.

Sad Faced Gents

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