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  • Every so often we share five links to interesting things we’ve found or looked at that week. These cover Shakespeare, gender, theatre, arts, or anything else that we stumble across. Click here to browse the archives, or click on the labels below to search by topic.
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This time – three show recommendations, an opportunity, and some pre-Fringe excitement…

  • Flanagan Collective’s all-female Romeo & Juliet
    This sounds great. Based at York Theatre Royal, one of our favourite venues, the Flanagan Collective are transferring their own all-female take on Romeo & Juliet to London. It’s had great reviews and definitely worth catching.
    Let’s show the world that all-female Shakespeare sells tickets!
    More info →
  • Merely Shakespeare’s Henry V and Midsummer Night’s Dream (pictured)
    Our BFFs, The Merely Players, have formed a new gender-neutral company and this is the result. Both shows are performed by five actors, randomly chosen from a pool of ten (5 girls, 5 boys, one for each role).
    No two shows will ever be the same, but you can rely on Merely’s usual wit, pace, creativity, and incredible text work.
    More info →
  • Lisa Wolpe’s Shakespeare & The Alchemy of Gender
    The artistic director of the LA Women’s Shakespeare Company, one of US’s most prominent all-female Shakespeare companies, is on this side of the pond for a few weeks with her one-woman show.
    She’s also running a series of workshops in associate with the wonderful GAP Salon and the Young Vic Directors’ programme.
    Unfortunately (for us), all of this take place while we’re out of town at the Buxton Fringe. Very sad about that. But that just means you need to go and see it for us.
    More info → (update: link is dead)
  • Lyn Gardner’s Edinburgh Fringe Picks.
    A yearly ritual, as key to the pre-fringe experience as trying to track down a brochure in London or forgetting to book your train tickets, Lyn Gardner’s tips are the best way to get the vibe of the fringe before you get there.
    And the fact we’re recommending it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact we’re mentioned. Nosiree.
    Read it →
  • Seeking two ADs!
    A bit self-serving this one, but hey. We’re looking for no less than two Assistant Directors to start straight away. Interested? Click the link to find out more.
    More info →

That’s it this time! Send us your links and we’ll put out another one soon.

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