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We’re seeking a designer/maker to rethink and build the set for the revival of our 2013 hit, Titus Andronicus, which will be performed at Greenwich Theatre at the end of April.

How similar or different the new set will be is open to discussion. There are certain practical constraints we need to work within, but we’re very keen for ideas and approaches to breathe fresh life into the production.

The job is open to designer/maker teams as well as individuals. The ideal candidate(s) will a solid understanding of the practical as well as the aesthetic, some experience of ambitious fringe/touring theatre, and a sense of fun.

We don’t mind what gender you are. If you’re interested, or have any questions, drop us a message at

The original production won three awards, and gained huge critical response in Edinburgh 2013. We’re reviving the show for a run at Greenwich, followed by a potential tour and another Fringe later run in the year. For a flavour of the original production, take a look at our Gallery, or watch the trailer.

Please spread the word to any talented designers you know!

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