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Hi everyone!

Sorry for the quiet patch, we’ve been working away laying plans for the next 18 months. More on that soon.

Today, we want to tell you about something completely different. No, it’s not Python-related (though remind us to tell you about Not The Messiah sometime). It’s something you may have missed…

Several of our team have collaborated with our sort-of-partner company, Three’s Company, to make a comedy web series: Missing Something. And since it’s got so many of our cast in, we’ve got together and managed to hide almost every single one of the Smooth Faced Gents somewhere in the series!

Some have large parts, some are extras, some just have their photos hidden away somewhere. Watch the series, and play Spot The Gent!

Spot The Gent

Watch Missing Something series one and spot all of the below Gentlemen hidden in the series.

Hidden are:

Titus Trailer shoot - Leila as Lavinia
Leila Sykes
Okay, to be fair, this one’s pretty easy.,.
Pictured here during our video shoot for the Titus Trailer.

39-2012-07-20 21.13.19
Ashlea Kaye
Also not hard to spot. Pictured in Romeo & Juliet.

Carly Jukes
Pictured during Romeo & Juliet rehearsals

 Smooth Faced Gentlemen - Titus Andronicus - trailer still 2
Vivienne Acheampong
Pictured in Titus promo photos

Maddy during Titus Paint rehearsals
Madeleine Gould
Pictured during Titus paint rehearsals

Henri Merriam as Titus Andronicus with Smooth Faced Gentlemen
Henri Merriam
Pictured in rehearsal for Titus

The Death of Bassianus in Titus Andronicus by Smooth Faced Gentlemen at the Edinburgh Fringe (photo by Mihaela Bodlovic)
Emma Nixon
Pictured in Titus performance

Kudzi Hudson
Kudzi Hudson

Fran as Paris
Francesca Binefa
Pictured in Romeo & Juliet performance

Stella Taylor
Stella Taylor

And also…
> Spot the SFG moustache crop up in two places
> Spot the Titus poster modified in Episode 2

The Prize

A sense of satisfaction, and the joy of having watch a great new series, and spotted lots of hidden details.

Okay, if you do find them all, drop us an email or a tweet, and we’ll give you a shout out, and send some Smooth Faced Gents goodies to the first few people.

Missing Something
was co-created by one of our core members, Leila, and one of our associate directors, Yaz. One of our other associate directors, Tom, co-wrote it, and the third associate, Michael, crops up in it a couple of times. It’s made by Yaz and his brother Haz, who also made our gorgeous Trailer and poster for Titus.

Head over the the Missing Something website to watch it and find out more, or subscribe to their YouTube channel!

Cover photo: Dan Marsden

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