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Thanks to everyone who came and helped our York debut sell out! Sorry if you were waiting. The ushers came up to us and said, “sorry, it’s not been this busy for ages, we don’t have enough staff so we’re going to have to start late, do you mind?”. I can tell you, we did not mind selling out the York Theatre Royal main stage one bit.

Amongst the lovely crowd were four or five lovely reviewers. As always, we’ve included all the reviews we had published.

And we’ve even picked out a quote from each one for anyone too busy/lazy to read the whole thing.

York Press

Bringing a new physical and psychological dimension to the Bard… Definitely a company to watch.

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Student Journals

A fresh, fast-paced Titus that horrifies and delights (and then horrifies some more). This was brilliant. Quick-fire, taut and unremitting.

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The Yorker

Hysterically funny… Ingenious

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Ingenious… ridiculous… tackled it with innovative aplomb. The whole cast was strong.

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York Mix

A whirlwind riot of innovation.

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Titus (Henri Merriam) examines The Furies in Act 5 scene 2 of 'Titus Andronicus: an all-female production' by Smooth Faced Gentlemen, at The Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe (photo: Daniel Harris)Leila, Ashlea and Fran in Missing Something (photo by Dan Marsden)