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So a few people told us how terribly clever and original we are for choosing to do Titus Andronicus as an all-female production. Actually, to us, it seems like a pretty obvious choice for an all-female company… and we’re far from the only ones to think so!

If you’re interested, here’s some info on some of the other productions.

Firstly, it’s worth noting there are two others happening pretty much right now, on opposite sides of the globe (I obviously mean the globe, not The Globe. That would be counter-productive.)

There’s a production by a new company happening at The Sydney Fringe, which I think has just recently finished. It sounds really interesting. This is their trailer:

Also, just opened, is the production by “Riot Grrls”, the all-female arm of US theatre company Taffety Punk, in Washington. They’ve been getting some pretty good press too, which raises some interesting points. Here’s their trailer:

Nice coincidence.

But on top of that, we came across several other all-female productions of Titus Andronicus in our research (and vanity searches). The rather amazing-looking Seattle-based Upstart Crow Collective did an all-female Titus last year, which also got great reviews (even if some reviewers seemed to miss the point) and won an award or two. The photos look stunning. Interestingly, they’ve also done a production of King John, a play close to our heart.

“But these are all overseas”, you’re probably thinking. Probably. Well, there’s also the production at The Baron’s Court theatre in 2011 (though I can’t find any info on how that was received).

And, I swear, we found info on at least one other in London… but my research has gone missing now.

There are actually fewer all-male productions we heard about, interestingly. I wonder why that is?

Either way, if you’re interested in the topic, check out some of those links to find out the different approaches to the text these different companies have made, and the differing reasons they give for trying this show all-female.

I was going to go on to talk about our reasons, But we’re out of time. I’ve got to get to a rehearsal now, and you can read plenty about our approach elsewhere.

So I’ll end by reminding you to come and see our triple-award-winning all-female Titus Andronicus at the York Theatre Royal on Thursday, and asking – has anyone seen any of the shows listed? Or involved with them? If so, we’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments.

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