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Well, we’re all here in Edinburgh, and Titus Andronicus is underway. If you’ve been on our facebook or twitter you’ll have heard we’ve had a lot of press and reviews for the show. Here’s a run down of the highlights.

[We’ll keep this updated as future reviews come in]

Fringe Guru, 9th August 2013 ****

“Smooth Faced Gentlemen draws plenty of dark humour from Shakespeare’s text, galloping faithfully through the plot with a smirk to the gallery and an ironic roll of its eyes…”
“Truly ingenious… an admirably elegant and discipline production.”

Edinburgh Spotlight, 9th August 2013 ****

“An innovative Titus Andronicus that is indeed ‘vibrant and visceral’, ‘fast, fresh, furious… and funny’, with far too many entertaining and thrilling elements to be described in any detail here. Go see for yourself!”

The Skinny, 7th August 2013 ****

“Smooth Faced Gentlemen, has taken one of the Bard’s most testosterone-fuelled tragedies and brought it to life with vivid brushstrokes.”
“The real strength of this universally strong ensemble lies in their masterful command of the language, finding the nuances and oft-forgotten humour within.”
“Funny, ferocious, creative, brilliantly performed and unflinchingly bloody.”

British Theatre Guide, 7th August 2013

“The vision shows verve and wit, clearly delighting the audience… Everyone will be swept up by the horrors on show in a Jackson Pollock-inspired bloodfest.”
“An enjoyable paint splattered romp that will inevitably prove popular.”

Cafe Babel, 6th August 2013 – Editor’s Pick

“One of the most stunning Shakespeare tragedies I’ve ever seen – and certainly the funniest… revels in the joyous absurdity”

Fest, 6th August 2013

“The cast embraces the play’s trademark brutality with adrenaline-spiking passion”
“Titus’ cast is powerful indeed.”
“Innovative narrative choices and engaging brutality make it an arresting Fringe hour”

Photo by the great Mihaela Bodlovic

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Titus Andronicus at Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh