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Hi guys,

The show is open! First two nights in Buxton have gone swimmingly… if messy.

There’s no audience like a Buxton Fringe audience. They’re amongst the most supportive I know – everyone just seems to love being in the theatre – but they’re also incredibly astute, and quick to offer useful feedback and ideas for a show whilst singing its praise. We couldn’t have hoped for a lovelier place to debut the show!

Main challenge we’re facing is exactly what you’d expect. The show ends looking like this:

The set of Titus Andronicus by Smooth Faced Gentlemen

In Edinburgh, we’ll have 10 minutes to clean that up. And that set is bigger than it looks! So our production team are pulling their hair out, but every day we get closer. We’re not there yet, but we will be. Because in Edinburgh, we won’t have the leniency of a venue that just happens to be run by our director!

In other news, the cast had an amazing workshop with composer Sam Dunkley today. Best part: it took place on The Slopes in Buxton, sending wafts of angelic choral music floating down to those of us cooped up at work at Underground Venues. They sound just amazing. More of the music is being integrated into the show each night. Thrilling stuff.

Also, we’ve had a lot of press, including an amazing review from the Buxton Fringe, but we’ll blog about that separately. I have to go and get ready for the show now. 48 minutes to go!

Don’t forget to buy your tickets asap, and get in touch with us on facebook and twitter. That reminds me… tickets are flying – sales have been great! We’ve just passed Barrel of Laughs as Undergound Venues’ top-selling show of 2013.

Now I really have to go. 43 minutes.

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