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Yaz here, with another round-up of news and mini-updates. This time: a sneak preview of our trailer, and a call for help!

Trailer update

Here’s a teeny sneak outtake/preview of our new trailer, courtesy of Brother Brother.

Edinburgh – can you help?

In other news, we’ve had some logistical set-backs with transport. In my experience, carting set and props around the country always ends up causing issues and making your budget spiral out of control.

So we’re looking for Edinburgh-bound theatre companies to share vans with. If you know anyone who is going up and either a) has some space in a van; or b) would like to share the cost of a van, get them to drop us an email, on

Secondly, we’re now looking for another place to stay in Edinburgh during the festival. We’re looking to accommodate 3-5 people in 2-3 rooms, ideally together, but it doesn’t need to be a while flat. So, if you’re in a student flat, with a few rooms going spare, this can be a great way to cover some of your rent if you’re away for the summer. Give us a shout if you can help, or have any leads! You can email us, or join this facebook group (which we’re sharing with Three’s Company).

Social media

Our twitter followers have rocketed again, since the Edinburgh brochure came out, which is nice. For those of you on facebook, we also have a page there, where we release a lot of images and updates on there, so give us a Like to stay up to date. We’ve also got events for Titus in Edinburgh and Titus in Buxton, so join them too!

Some photos

This post is rather devoid of images, so here’s a photo of a fight rehearsal:

Fight Rehearsal for Titus

Our fights have been led by the wonderful Rc-Annie (who I also worked with on Missing Something, along with several of the Titus cast). Working with a fight team really brings out my inner three-year-old. These guys come highly recomended.

AL0A8896And here’s a snap of Ashlea, Fran, and Leila, taken for their recent interview with Female Arts. This was a great interview, and ended up getting pretty in-depth. Just another reminder of how lucky I am to be working with these guys!

The End

That’s it for today. Do please share this post with any theatre companies you know going to Edinburgh, and anyone who lives there, or comment below with any leads.


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Stella Taylor as Lucius in Titus Andronicus