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Yaz again, with another set of mini-updates for you, rounding up some recent production news. This time: our trailer, our print, and the set arrives!


Last week we shot a trailer, with the brilliant Haroun Al-Shaater (from the brilliant Brother Brother). I’m allowed to say he’s brilliant, even though he’s my brother. (I’m not really allowed to say Brother Brother are brilliant because I’m the other brother).

Even though a ultra-last-minute location issue landed us in a room that looked like this:

Filming Titus Trailer

…somehow, he managed to create footage that looks like this:

Titus Trailer shoot - Leila as Lavinia

And that’s ungraded. How he achieved that is beyond me.

We’re editing the trailer now – it should be released mid-July.

Update: it’s live now! Watch it here.


Our flyers and posters came through for the Buxton Fringe this week. Here’re some snaps of them in context, at Underground Venues.

2013-07-05 - Titus Print

Oh yeah, you can also thank Haroun for those.

If you want a bookmark flyer, send us an SAE and we’ll post you one for free. Message us for details.

The set

Our set arrived on Wednesday. Sneak peek of it being assembled:

Titus set under construction

And, because it’s interesting, here’s the Sketchup mockup:

Titus Set - first mockup

Jacob’s design is wonderful. What the photos don’t show is you the great effects the cast can make with the moving walls. Amazing how much you can change a space in an instant.

A show like Titus needs that. With so many locations, and a twisting story, there’s always a dnager the audience will get left behind. We wanted a way to show multiple successive changes of space rapidly, and without conflicting with our wider aesthetic. I think Jacob’s nailed it.

We’re also doing some cool things with sound design for the same reason… but more on that another time.

That’s all folks

That’s it for this time. Next update soon.

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