Five Links #8: Festivals, Shows, Free Scripts (and some nice graphs)

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This time you get six links. Two festivals, two Shakespeares with gender-play, and two interesting Shakespeare resources.

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A great Shakespeare festival being run in the beautiful Catford Broadway theatre, by none other than Action To The Word, one of our favourite theatre companies.

Only a few days left to catch this, but very much worth supporting, so do spread the word!

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Women In The West End


Another festival, being run Upstairs at the Arts, a lovely Off-West-End theatre in the heart of London. Headline is F.A.N.Y., which we’ve spoken about before, and each lunchtime they’re performing a new Crawshaw play, Nonsense & Sensibility – a Jurassic-Park-inspired-Jane-Austen-spoof (that classic genre).

Alongside the shows, though, they’re running all sorts of gender focussed events and guest showings, including ‘Friendsday Wednesday’ guest slots, plus a series of Q&As, Lectures and other events. 50/50 looks particularly interesting, but check out their site for all the info.

Mapping Shakespeare’s Tragedies

This is interesting. A data analyst has mapped the connections between characters in the tragedies, based on who shares scenes.

Here are a couple of examples:


Titus Andronicus


Othello (in more detail)

Check out the site for more, including larger versions of the images. There’s also a free downloadable poster size one, if you’re into that sort of thing.

How this might impact our practical approaches to Shakespeare, I’m not yet certain. But they sure are pretty.

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An all-female Macbeth

One for our American cousins. Macbeth performed by an all-female cast in a Cathedral in Portland. Sounds great fun, from the reviews. If your’re nearby, please go and support them!

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Folger Digital Texts

A great resource here. Folger have recently produced free, downloadable versions of their Shakespeare series. They’re available in five formats. PDFs, HTML, and plain text are available, as well as XML – which may open the way for people to do some interesting data-driven stuff with them.

But most useful will be the Word versions, for smaller theatre companies wanting to edit their own scripts.

The reason this is a big deal is that these text have been curated, so they’re gonna be of a much higher quality than the free versions currently available online (if you’ve ever put on a Shakespeare play on any kind of budget, you’ll know the ones I mean). Fewer typos and or unhelpful punctuation choices to fix.

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The Reversed Shakespeare Company: Midsummer Night’s Dream

You may remember these guys from our Work Bard Play Bard nights. Their gender-swapped Midsummer is running at Pleasance now. On Thursday 24th, there’s a panel talk with some very interesting speakers (and also us).

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