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We’re here, up in Edinburgh, and having a whale of a time! Reviews are flying in, audiences are flocking to the two shows, and we’ve seen some great theatre!

We’ve been on the BBC, on the front cover of The List, spent a night in A&E, had at least two mad dash taxi rides for missing props, been on so many podcasts, and met loads of our heroes.

More on all that to follow. Today we’re going to fill you in with how the shows are going, and recommend some others you should catch in the last week!

Show Updates

Titus and Othello are both going swimmingly. We’ve had between 80 and 200 people in per day, which is lovely, and they’ve said some wonderful things.

Here’s a photo from Othello:


If you’ve not seen the shows yet, and you’re visiting Edinburgh, NOW IS THE TIME TO BOOK.

Seriously, stop reading this and book now. What are you still doing here?

Big shoutout to our lovely Stage Manager Fran, who injured her ankle on our day off. What’s worse, it was her birthday that day (and, before you ask, she was stone-cold-sober). Luckily, it’s not broken, but it did take four hours of waiting overnight in A&E to figure that out. On her birthday.

Shows to see in Edinburgh

Here’s a list of a few shows we think you should see in Edinburgh, in no particular order. Some of them have people we know, some of them are themes we’re interested in, all of them are great.

Boris: World King

Time: 1.45pm
Venue: Pleasance Courtyard
Reason: It’s great! Directed by our director, with lighting from our lighting designer, stunts from our fight director. It wasn’t written by the same writer as us (obviously), but the writer is one of our dramaturgs and our comedy consultant.

To She Or Not To She

Time: 1pm
Venue: Pleasance Courtyard
Reason: It’s all about an actress who wants to play male Shakespeare parts; it’s written by and stars sometime Smooth Faced Gent Emma Bentley; it’s really great.

Down & Out In Paris & London

Time: 6.30pm
Venue: Pleasance Courtyard
Reason: features Gent Stella Taylor; also co-produced by Greenwich Theatre; directed by our mentor David Byrne; and it’s great.


Time: 2.40pm
Venue: Pleasance Dome
Reason: Gent Maddie Gould is in it; it has acapella versions of all the best divas’ tunes; it’s great.


Time: 2pm
Venue: Pleasance Courtyard
Reason: stars our sometime associate producer Rianna Dearden; it’s a heartbreaking story and they’re doing important work; it’s great.

The Handlebards (Hamlet & A Midsummer Nights’ Dream)

Time: 6pm
Venue: Royal Botanic Gardens
Reason: it’s our buddies The Handlebards! They cycle 1,500 miles round the country lugging their set and props behind them! And they’re always great.

Tonight With Donny Stixx

Time: 2.45pm
Venue: Pleasance Dome
Reason: one of the best pieces of acting we’ve seen on the fringe. It’s great.

Hannah & Hanna

Time: 1.20pm
Venue: Assembly George Square
Reason: Another of our fellow Greenwich Theatre supported companies. And it’s great.

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