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Here’s a quick round-up of the press we received for Titus Andronicus at Greenwich this spring. It’s so lovely that the show worked for people in the way we wanted it to!


The Shakespeare Standard (Louie Woodall)

A bloodstained burlesque overflowing with horror and humour… This marriage of the ridiculous and the grotesque produce moments of laugh-out-loud hilarity.
The blistering conclusion lived up to the promise of the previous eighty minutes, culminating in a bloody melee that starkly exposed the fundamental paradox of revenge

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The Shakespeare Standard (Martin Keady)

(Not sure why we were lucky enough to get two from Shakespeare Standard but we’re not complaining!)

A fine production, in which the novelty of watching an all-female cast is almost instantly forgotten amid the uniformly fine acting and particularly good verse-speaking.

Ironically, however, the production is so good that it actually raises questions about the quality of the play itself!

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Female Arts

The real strength here is Smooth Faced Gentlemen’s ability to draw the moments of comedy out of an extremely violent and gory text. Probably the best part of all – it doesn’t even occur to you that women are playing these roles. Ultimately this is a clever, entertaining and enjoyable production – definitely one to catch on tour this summer

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Blistering… some truly striking theatrical coups… crisp and effective… this has me looking forward immensely to this summer!

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Teater Kritikk

(in Norwegian)

Action is communicated effectively and engagingly; the visual appearance is aesthetically striking and effective; and violence as a theme is taken up and explored in all its cruelty. Together, this creates an unusually good Shakespeare and theatre experience.

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Death, Books & Tea

I am completely in love with this staging!

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The Play’s The Thing

Extremely successful… A superb instinct for striking visual theatre… Smooth Faced Gentlemen have a clear gift for telling a cracking story!

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Johnathan Baz Revuew

cracking performances… triumphant… some of the most refreshingly accessible Shakespeare in town

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