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This week – five excellent and useful resources for the Shakespeare theatre-maker.

(It’s starting to get pretty hard to churn out five links every week… so please send us some suggestions! Email me, or tweet #sfg5)

  • Shakespeare Searched – the best search tool for the complete works I’ve come across. Simple, fast, and just enough features to be useful.
  • Open Source Shakespeare – really handy for breaking down the plays in all sorts of ways. We use it each time we do a reading of play we don’t know inside-out, to figure out doubling. The concordance search is also really handy.
  • What’s It All About Shakespeare? – a collection of essays and analysis of the plays. Written to be accessible even to Shakespeare-hating school-kids writing essays – but don’t let that fool you. It’s all some really insightful, well-researched, and just plain useful stuff. If you’re working on a play, worth having a browse for articles on the topic.
  • Shakespeare’s Words – every actor (and director) should read this, especially the Language Companion section. It would alleviate so much of the nonsensical paraphrasing that happens in a lot of Fringe Shakespeare.
  • Shakespeare Line Count – honestly, this site looks like it takes its inspiration from anglefire sites circa ’97 – which is oddly comforting. But the content is handy – lots of different line counts. By character, by play, by scene, and by character/play/scene combined. I worry it might disappear soon though… it seems a bit more delicate every time I visit. I wonder if the makers are still out there?

Every Friday (ish) we share five links to interesting things we’ve found or looked at that week. These cover Shakespeare, gender, theatre, arts, or anything else that we stumble across. Click here to browse the archives, or click on the labels below to search by topic.

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