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  • Every Friday* we share five** links to interesting things we’ve found or looked at that week. These cover Shakespeare, gender, theatre, arts, or anything else that we stumble across. Click here to browse the archives, or click on the labels below to search by topic.
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Sorry, we’re a day late this week… neck deep in rehearsals for Macbeth: The Shakespeare Shuffle. Still it’s no excuse, so to make up for, here’s a double-whammy bonanza of ten whole links.

On the topic of The Shakespeare Shuffle… we’ve got one week to go ’til The Shakespeare Shuffle!

Anyway. This week’s links are all our recommendations of shows on now or soon – worth catching every last one of these.

That’s all for now! 2015 looks like it’s going to be a great year for Shakespeare, and it’s barely begun. Happy ticket-booking, and have a great week.

PS Did I mention we’re doing Macbeth: The Shakespeare Shuffle next week…?

*Roughly  **Roughly. ***I think we just invented an adjective.

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