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This is a new regular feature for 2015. We come across so many interesting articles that we want to share with our fans and friends, so we thought we’d start recording them.

Every Friday*, we’re going to share five links to interesting things. This is mostly on topics that interests us: Shakespeare, gender in the arts, theatre in the UK and so on, but might digress a little, and include the occasional plug.

Hopefully, in time, this will build up into a useful resource. And feel free to send us suggestions – or tweet with the hashtag #sfg5.

And, since today’s the first Friday of 2015, to celebrate the first edition, we’ll treat you to a bonus extra link:

Good Tickle Brain - Julius Caesar (copyright Mya Gosling)

Happy New Year!

*Okay, most Fridays. Let’s see how it goes, eh…?

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