The all-female Shakespeare company.
I can't wait to see what this company come up with next...
Enormously entertaining... one of the strongest ensemble casts I've seen at the Fringe.
One of the most stunning Shakespeare tragedies I’ve ever seen!
Superlative understanding of the language, a well-oiled elegance of staging and interaction, original, intelligent and gregarious humour – all delivered with a slick energy, a deeply professional confidence and array of talent.
Keeping audience members on the edge of their seats through both laughter and horror... fast, fresh, furious and funny!
The total femaleness of this riff on Shakespeare’s first tragedy not only works wonderfully, but is totally integral to its conception. It’s a slick and farcically funny production that exudes self-aware theatricality and, of course, buckets of blood!
Quick-fire, taut and unremitting... Keep your eyes open for Smooth Faced Gentlemen — they will do great things. They already are.
The real strength of this universally strong ensemble lies in their masterful command of the language, finding the nuances and oft-forgotten humour... Funny, ferocious, creative, and brilliantly performed!
A whirlwind riot of innovation!

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We create fresh, fast, and faithful productions of Shakespeare’s plays with an entirely female cast.

Our Recent Shows

Othello trailer. Click to watch.

In 2015 we developed our newest show: Othello.

Othello performance photographs

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  • Article:  @The_Globe  must continue #EmmaRice's commitment to #CrossGenderCasting https://t.co/THrW79y6Pl via  @ConversationUK 3 months ago
  • ...and this looks interesting too: https://t.co/Q7TBk4LKQX an #allfemale adaptation of the #HenryVI/#RichardIII plays from  @byjovetheatre 3 months ago
  • Looking for some theatre this weekend? There's another 50/50 #gender scratch night tomorrow eve at  @thepleasance : https://t.co/AdS8qDvfrE3 months ago
  • Good, balanced article (tho we would think that...) 'Women in male roles is not a gimmick': https://t.co/MhiwtyxbV6 #gender #shakespeare3 months ago

Titus Andronicus trailer by Brother Brother. Click to watch.

In 2013 we created our flagship production of Titus Andronicus. Two years on, it’s still running, and is currently touring the UK.

Titus Andronicus performance photographs

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